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GS1 Cuba is the representation office in the Cuban territory, through the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, of the global organization GS1, worldwide leader in the development and promotion of standards for the exchange of information in the global supply chain, as a common language among business partners.

GS1 standards allow the identification, capture and sharing of information associated with products, assets, services, locations. Thus, companies efficiently optimize their business processes; they can speak the same language and have global visibility.

Currently, 2 million companies around the world identify their products and logistics units with the GS1 standard system, involving organizations in 114 countries.

GS1 continues to transform the way we work and live.

Read about the work we’ve done to build bridges between the physical and digital worlds, establish a basic service system that goes beyond simply identifying products, developing multi-year strategic plans for various industry sectors, trade and transportation.

Legal Framework


GS1 Rules of Use

Joint Resolution MINCIN/MINCEX

Trade and investment

Trade and investment/Foreing Trade

Trade and investment/Foreing Investment

As part of the updating of the Cuban economic model, foreign investment in Cuba is focused towards the diversification and enlargement of export markets, access to advanced technologies, import replacement, obtaining external financing, and the creation of new sources of employment, the recruitment of managerial methods and its link with the development of productive chains, as well as the change of the country’s energy matrix through the use of renewable energy sources.

The legal framework that includes complementary norms to the Law was published in Official Gazette no. 20 Extraordinary, of April 16, 2014.

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