Memorial cancellation of a postage stamp of the Tuna Fair is carried out

23 de December de 2022

Las Tunas- With the commemorative cancellation of a postage stamp, with the aim of dignifying the commercial exchange of Las Tunas, the activities of the II Fair of Industry and Commerce Las Tunas 2022 began on Wednesday at the Las Palmeras theme park in the city of Las Tunas.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, Antonio Luis Carricarte Corona, signed this Wednesday the stamp that reproduces a landscape of the province of Las Tunas, with the aim of promoting the attractions that distinguish this region as a tourist destination. The cancellation remains for local and philatelic history, recalling the II Industry and Trade Fair, a meeting which opened new economic routes for the country.

Let’s prepare to export, was the title of the conference given by the Consultant Professor of the Institute of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Doctor of Science Yamil Arcia Márquez, referring to the exchange between Cuban and European Union experts who train to internationalise offers from the origins of each territory.

He distinguished the internationalisation of the Empresa Integral Agropecuaria Tunera that commercialises with the firm AGROIN, which already has the umbrella brands Satio and Marabex, with a dozen products ready and more than a thousand trained producers.

In the afternoon, the Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade, Roberto López Hernández, after visiting the exhibition areas, exchanged with the metallurgists of the Empresa de Estructuras Métalicas Comandante Francisco Paco Cabreras and those of Acinox Las Tunas.

Engineer Julio Cesar Tamayo Rodriguez updated on negotiations in Holguin Nickel, the Mariel Glass factory, his contribution to the reestablishment of Unit 2 of the Lidio Ramon Dias de Felton Thermoelectric Plant in Holguin, among other commitments.

Likewise, the stainless steel company Acinox-Las Tunas spoke of its innovative and scientific performance to sustain the financial balance with the main production paralysed, through secondary production and the provision of services to third parties, taking advantage of the specialisation of its human capital.

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