Italy Section of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba established

2 de November de 2022

Consolidating a core of business alliances to strengthen economic and trade relations between nations and contribute to the implementation of the country’s Business Strategy, is the main objective of the creation on Tuesday of the Italy section of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba (CC), according to its president, Antonio Luis Carricarte Corona.
The act of constitution, held at the institutional headquarters of the CC, became a space to project future work on trade and foreign investment between the two countries, and was attended by Mr. Giulio del Federico, counselor and deputy chief of mission of the Embassy of Italy in Cuba, and Elisabetta Pola, president of the Italian section of the Cuba-Italy Bilateral Committee.

Rubén Ramos Arrieta, vice president of the CC, stressed the importance of the Italian market for Cuba and highlighted the historic economic and trade relations and the work carried out by the Italian Agency for Foreign Trade (ICE) in its mission to support, assist and promote the presence and introduction of Italian companies in the Cuban market.
Ramos Arrieta also referred to the economic transformations in Cuba and the incorporation of new forms of management to the business network, and advocated continuing to strengthen trade relations with the Italian Republic, which has vast experience with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mr. Giulio del Federico thanked for the opportunity of the meeting and was very pleased with Cuba’s willingness to strengthen trade relations with his country; he highlighted the high presence of Italian companies in the upcoming International Fair of Havana and said that the celebration of the Binational Business Committee in this framework will be a great opportunity to increase business between the two countries.
The Cuban side was also represented by Ileana Núñez Murdoche, deputy director for Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Inalvis Bonachea, director of Trade Policy with Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment; Annet del Pino, representing the ICE Office in Havana; as well as officials of these institutions, the Center for the Promotion of Trade and Foreign Investment and representatives of Italian and Cuban companies with links to that market.

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