Informática 2022: Cuban MSMEs towards digital transformation

24 de March de 2022

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), recently created organizational forms in Cuba, also contribute to the strengthening of the software industry and digital transformation, some of their representatives told the Cuban News Agency exclusively.

Mayra Estrada, president of the Estrada y Asociados MSME, a technology-based accounting firm, explained that they provide professional accounting services with the management of automated systems in order for state and private entities to gradually become “paperless offices”.

According to the expert, the fulfillment of this purpose would help to save on expendable material and streamline management in the agencies, aspects that are moving towards digital transformation.

Regarding alliances with other forms of management, she highlighted the agreement with the Joven Club de Computacion y Electronica for the joint development of services based on the potential of each one, the use of the infrastructure and technology of the institution with a network of more than 600 centers and the knowledge of the employees of the MSMEs.

She pointed out that one of the main common functions of the Joven Club will be to market the automated accounting system Versat Sarasola, from Datazucar, and to support and teach its use to the professionals of the companies that hire it.

By establishing ourselves as MSMEs, we remain committed to preserving the country’s social project, because, as Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez has pointed out, the new players are private companies of a socialist nature, and ours will preserve those values, Estrada said.

Amel Herrera Fonte, sole partner of Acubamos, said that this MSME, which specializes in e-commerce, will launch in early April a platform to support virtual stores of all economic actors wishing to market products and services, and thus achieve greater visibility.

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