Food Agroindustry Section reviews the work of 2021 and projects actions for the coming year

14 de December de 2021

As part of the assembly process carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and chaired by Antonio Luis Carricarte Corona, its president, the Balance of the Food Agroindustry Section took place this afternoon, that had as  central axis  the presentation and discussion of the main actions carried out in the year 2021 and the good practices in the work of the Cluster from the experience of the Agricultural Business Group and Labiofam.

During the period this section was involved in the execution of the action plans and agreements derived from the work of the clusters and working groups constituted and its main lines of work were aimed at improving the work of commercial intelligence, the implementation of training programs specialized and personalized, the elaboration of market access strategies, as well as the elaboration and execution of sectorial support programs.

During the conference, the work carried out to support the territories and their Agro export poles and the achievement of an effective link with research institutes was highlighted.

As projections and priorities for the coming year, the following were defined:

• achieve a greater link between sectoral and territorial strategies, focused on increasing exports and territorial development,

• progressively develop a promotion, communication and computerization strategy for the cluster

• continue the work of identifying sectoral chambers and trade associations.

• design actions and services that promote production chains and the generation of alliances between companies in the sector, companies in other sectors and forms of non-state management.

The lack of preparation of the companies on the markets and counterparts, in addition to the inadequate or null monitoring of the agreements or interests raised, were some of the problems analyzed during the meeting and on which the section should focus its work to achieve eradication during the next year.

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