Cuba has more economic actors

4 de March de 2022

The Cuban Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP) today approved 92 new applications for economic actors, of which 89 are private MSMEs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) and three are non-agricultural cooperatives.

Through the Telegram platform, the MEP’s Economic Actors Channel reported that a total of 2,269 economic actors have been approved since the process began in September 2021.

Of the MSMEs, 2,188 are private, 49 are state-owned, and 32 are cooperatives.

The information adds that, in terms of origin, 57 per cent (%) are reconversions of pre-existing businesses and 43 per cent are new ventures.

In total, it is estimated that these economic actors will generate 37,144 new jobs in the economy.

According to the source, of all those approved, 94 are part of local development projects, 34 have previously carried out export operations and 11 are incubated in Havana’s Science and Technology Park.

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