SMEs and the economy: a look at development

13 de December de 2022

The forum “SMEs and the economy: a look at development” began today in this eastern Cuban city, as a space dedicated to strengthening the integration of the business fabric of the province of Holguín.

Convened by the commercial company Desarrollo AD Astra and the local development project Complejo Cultural Plaza de la Marqueta, the event also aims at identifying business opportunities, training professional skills and promoting the exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs and businessmen from the state and private sectors. The meeting began with the conference “SMEs and the economy: a view from the development”, by Doctor in Science Juan Triana Cordoví, who made an approach to the evolution of this actor in the country, a little more than a year after the entry into force of the legal rules in favor of its emergence.

During an exchange with the attendees of the business forum, the economist talked about the main concerns and challenges of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which already exceed the figure of six thousand approved in the Caribbean nation.

Triana pointed out that although they were born in an unfavorable financial context at national and international level, MSMEs have managed to have an impact in the social sphere, based on their capacity to create new jobs, with which thousands of families have had access to improvements in their income.

He also highlighted the initiative to develop this type of spaces, in this case sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Economics of the University of Holguin, because it provides entrepreneurs with tools and opportunities for entrepreneurship. In that sense, Idania Ricardo, specialist of the University of Holguin and organizer of the event, stressed that the forum is an example of what is conceived, from the Academy, to contribute to the development of the country and in which the different actors of the Cuban economy participate.

The event will be held until tomorrow, Tuesday, with a program that includes a panel on strategic alliances between economic figures and their impact on territorial development, in addition to a tour of several enterprises in the city.

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