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ecree Law 250 of July 30, 2007 constituted the Cuban Court of International Commercial Arbitration, heiress of the Court of Foreign Trade Arbitration, which was created in 1963, and which allowed knowing and applying commercial arbitration long before the most Latin American countries. Our country has 58 years of experience in commercial arbitration.

In 2018, Resolution 8/2018 of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba was issued, putting into force the current rules of procedure of this Court. These rules constitute an advance in the work of the Cuban Court and are called to facilitate the work of the parties and of the arbitral tribunal, delimiting the responsibility that the President, the Secretariat and the arbitral tribunal have at any given time. The Rules should also contribute to the arbitration processes moving more efficiently and with stricter compliance with the procedural deadlines.

When you choose the alternative of arbitration in our Court, you are using a system to resolve commercial disputes in a fast, efficient, economical and reserved way, with the guarantees of being able to have the appropriate arbitrators for their training and impartiality, who dictate the arbitration award. It is a procedure that rests on the agreed will of the parties in dispute; the arbitrator cannot separate himself from what is desired and foreseen by them when entrusting him with his mission. Its fundamental rule is the arbitration agreement between the parties and the arbitration institution.

The Court has drawn up a model clause or arbitration agreement, the inclusion of which in contracts is recommended, since it is the necessary condition so that, in the event that disputes arise, compliance with the will of the parties to appeal is ensured to the arbitration of the Court.

It should be underlined that with the entry into force of Law Decree 250, the doors are opened to a new service, Mediation, which through its Regulations, today updated by Resolution 9/2018 of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba constitutes an alternative for conflict resolution in the Cuban Court of International Commercial Arbitration, for this purpose the Court has a list of mediators who will be in charge of providing this service.

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