Training Plan 2016

The Chamber of Commerce offers to its partners:

• Cycle of workshops and conferences to be held through the territorial delegations offices and sections.
• Places for the courses of the Training Center of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment in issues related to economy and finances, foreign trade, legal aspects and foreign investment.

Subjects to be taught through lectures

  • Legal aspects of Law No. 118 Foreign Investment Act and its  
  • Methodology for incorporating projects to the Opportunities
  • Basic Elements for the prefeasibility study.
  • Fundamental bases of Decree -Law 327, Investment Process.
  • Impact and role of foreign investment in the world today.
  • Particularization in the Cuba case.
  • Important clauses in contracting audiovisuals.
  • Intellectual Property and Foreign Investment.
  • Violations of products in marketing.
  • Arbitration Process. Applicable Law.
  • Choice of Forum in International Commercial Arbitration.
  • Monitoring and strategic intelligence as a single process.
  • Monitoring as a tool for supporting business intelligence.
  • The audit of knowledge.
  • Marketing and quality of services.
  • Direction and management of institutional communication.
  • Technical and negotiation skills.
  • Business Protocol.
  • Marketing for services.

General remarks

Calls for the training will be announced through the established communication: mechanisms email, website, boards of the sections and territorial delegations.

Similarly, they will be promoted through these pathways courses in the Training Center of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment. Applications must be formalized in the Department of Associates before the 18th of the previous month preceding the date of the start of each course, through a Registration Application form. No applications will be accepted after the dates indicated. Every worker who applies for registration must meet the requirements of each course.

For more information, contact:

Lic. Mario Alejandro Cisneros Sánchez
Specialist, Associates Department

Tel. (53) 7832 2693, ext. slate. 246
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.