The portfolio of tools that GS1 manages through its global network with a presence in 111 countries is an internationally accepted set of standards that enables communication and efficient administration of multi sectorial distribution chains through the unique, unequivocal and unambiguous identification of goods, locations and services.

The GS1 Standards facilitate national and international communication between all trading partners participating in supply and demand chains, including raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, carriers, banking and financial institutions, intermediate customers and end consumers.

By applying standards that promote the GS1 System it is possible to obtain significant improvements in logistic operations, reduction of costs in production and marketing processes, a significant decrease in the time of preparation of orders and deliveries as well as greater accuracy and more efficient management of the entire supply chain and demand.

A global language for business partners is the message which precedes the implementation of these tools in the dynamic scenario where business transactions take place in the world today.

GS1Cuba wants to be part of its success. Aware that their management is a determining factor, we extend an invitation to adopt tools that facilitate it.


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