Registry of Branches and Agents of Representation of Foreign Companies

Transformations operated in foreign trade as a result of measures adopted for the economic development of the company as well as the experience gained over several years, advised in 2006 the adjustment of legal regulations in force related to the National Registration of Foreign Representations to the current conditions in that moment, as well as the terms and practices of international use.

The Council of Ministers, in use of the attributions conferred by Article 98 paragraph k) of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba resolves the Regulation of the National Registry of Branches and Society Agents. The National Registry of Foreign Representations it was renamed the National Registration of Branches and Agents of Foreign Mercantile Societies attached to the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.


Agents of representation of Foreign Companies

  Agents of representation


Models and forms

To download (documents in Spanish):

 Forms for Up dating

 Forms for Inscription

 Model of Request of Renewal

 Annex 1 Resolution 550




 Decreto No.206 del Comité Ejecutivo del Consejo de Ministros.

 Decreto 320/2014 del Consejo de Ministros.

 Ley no. 116/2013, Código del Trabajo y sus normas complementarias.


Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment: :

Resolución No.25 de 1997, Ministerio del Comercio Exterior.

Resolución No.550 de 2001, Ministerio de Comercio Exterior 

Resolución No.176 de 2009, Ministerio del Comercio Exterior y la Inversión Extranjera.


General Custom of the Republic::

Resolución 122 de 2009.

Resolución 254 de 2009.


Ministry of Finances and Prices:

Resolución No. 379-2003.

Resolución No.10-2005.

Instrucción No. 16-2005.

Resolución No.235-2005.

Resolución No.294-2005 / Anexos 1-5.


Ministry of Labor and Social Security:

Resolución Conjunta No 1 - 2000 (MININT-MTSS).

Resolución no. 20-2015.

Resolución no. 35-2014.


List of existing branches (document in Spanish):

Sucursales vigentes.


Register of Importers and Exporters

Due to the reorganization of Cuban Foreign Trade there was a noteworthy increase of the number of organizations with the right to carry out activities of exportation and importation by which it became necessary to create a Registry of Exporters and Importers in charge of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.

The Registry of Importers and/or Exporters was founded through Resolution No. 153 of the year 1994 by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. It is compulsory for all entities based in the country to be inscribed for activities of exportation, importation or both.


For inscription the following documents must be presented:

* Letter of Request.

* Photocopy of the ONAT Form

* NIT photocopy.

* Pay the amount established for each specific case.


TO DOWNLOAD (document in Spanish):

Cuban Enterprises with import and export faculties


Registry of Travel Agencies

The National Registry of Travel Agencies was created under Joint Resolution No. 1 of 1995 by the Ministries of Foreign Trade and Tourism and ratified by the Joint Resolution No.1 of 1998 by both ministries. An authorized official is in charge of this Registry to issue certifications of precedents that appear in the dossiers under his control and vouches for the official establishment of travel agencies. Registering is compulsory for national travel agencies. Branches of foreign Travel Agencies and representation contracts must also be inscribed in this Registry.


TO DOWNLOAD (document in Spanish):

National Travel Agencies Contracts of Tourism Representation

Resolución Conjunta No. 1 de 1998 del Ministerio de Turismo y el Ministerio de Comercio Exterior, Reglamento de agencias de viajes nacionales, sucursales y representaciones de agencias de viajes extranjeras en la República de Cuba.

Resolution no. 17 of 1999 Joint Resolution no. 17 of 1998 of the Ministries of Tourism and Foreign Trade