Business Guide and Cuban Observatory of Economic Sciences were launched

8 de October de 2021

As a novel tool, that for the first time shows all the economic actors of the country, state or not, was qualified the Cuba Business Guide launched this Thursday from the Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the recently inaugurated Cuba 2021 Economic-Productive Conference.

The Hero of the Republic Ramón Labañino Salazar, vice president of the National Association of Economists of Cuba (ANEC), explained that the Guide itself, developed by Dofleini Software, facilitates communication between actors in the economy, production chains, local development, the mobility of slothful inventories, generates job offers and public tenders, among other benefits.

The evening presentation was attended by Mildrey Granadillo, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Planning; Lázara Mairen Jiménez, ETECSA vice president; Carlos Miguel Pérez, director of Dofleini; members of the Organizing Committee and the national press.

Access the Business Guide (Link for the button: https:­­//

In the afternoon second part, Oscar Luis Hung Pentón, president of ANEC, presented the Cuban Observatory of Economic Sciences as a scientific information management system of the ANEC, which allows access to research and innovations in the field of economic sciences, with an impact in the Cuban governmental levels.

Developed in the same way by Dofleini, the first SME approved in the national territory, The Observatory is in charge of monitoring, capturing, reposting, analyzing and channeling to the various users, information related to the new scientific knowledge generated in the country on economic issues, including those generated by the Association itself and its Scientific Societies.

With a friendly interface, the Observatory aims to reach innovative academics, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs and public officials whose, based on the information they can find here, will be able to generate new knowledge that will lead to proposals for improving the economy and Cuban society. It also has a Financial Education section aimed to the users interested in acquiring knowledge in this matter for practical application.

Visit the Cuban Observatory of Economic Sciences (Link for the button:

The Economic-Productive Conference Cuba 2021 will run until October 28 and foresees a wide agenda of activities that includes conferences, an exhibition of good practices, the launch of the Payment Gateway of the Ministry of Internal Trade and the FEVEXPO Platform, among others.

Due to the epidemiological situation, the edition has been conceived virtually under the slogan “Integrate and Transform to Grow” and with the online participation of economic actors from all provinces and municipalities, it seeks to boost the Cuban economy in order to promote a possible and necessary economic growth even under current conditions.

Download Program of the Conference (PDF)

In Video Presentation of the Business Guide and the Observatory (Link of the Button: video of the afternoon transmission)

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